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Seminarian Anthony Nguyen


Home Parish: St. Anthony & Joseph
Address: 228 S.Main Street, Herkimer, NY, 13350
Education: B.A Business English, University of Thu Dau Mot, Viet Nam
Work Experiences: Tutor, English teacher, an internship at the hotel (receptionists), waiter, and office work at Human Resources department.
Interests: Play soccer, play chess, listen to music, reading funny stories, studying foreign languages and cultures, social working.


Vocation story: I, Duyet Thanh Nguyen (Anthony), was born on June 16, 1994, and grew up at Tay Nguyen Highland; a famous area in the south of Vietnam with the main agriculture industry is coffee, rubber, pepper. I have been living in the U.S over seven months. I am living at Cathedral Seminary House of Formation in Douglaston, Queens, NY. I am studying English at St. John’s University (Queens, NY) and will be studying Philosophy on next spring semester.

Like any other boys, I was born and grow up in a beautiful and lovely family in the Catholic community in Vietnam. My family has 13 people: parents, six brothers, five sisters, and I am the 10th child. The neighborhood often calls my family with a funny name is “soccer team family.” The soccer team has six people who have given their life to God. Two sisters are nuns of the Lover Holy Cross of Nha Trang, a sister is a nun of Notre Dame de Mission, and another sister is a nun of Petite sourer de l’Assumption. My younger brother is a religious brother of the Divine Savior in the Philippines, and last but not least, I am a seminarian of Diocese Albany. Other members of my family got married.

I had thought of becoming a priest when I was nine years old. Every morning, I got up and went to Church to attend the daily mass with my mother.  One time, my mom told me “let try to study well to become a priest to pray for our family, serve God and sever all people, I will consecrate you to God.” A dream to become a priest of God has fascinated me since. Day by day, in sixth grade, I was involved in the ministry of altar server, and I served in my parish from grade 6 until I graduated from the university. As a catechist, I shared my faith with other children by teaching them catechism of the Roman Catholic Church at my home parish and other places. Each day I feel that I have grown in love for God and serve everyone was my favorites. From the conversations with God through prayer and the guidance of my parents, siblings, and priests, I have learned to hear from my depth of my heart that God is calling me to the priesthood as I have been dreamed since I was a child. So, I would like to spend my life to respond to God’s love by becoming a witness for the God. I am hoping to spend my life to serve God, the Church, the poor, and to evangelize and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all people. I was fascinated by the quote of scripture of Mark 16:15 “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Each of us is called to be a missionary, to share the Gospel of Jesus to the world. In my life, I was received many graces from God; I cannot keep this experience to myself. As Pope Francis stated that we are inviting to sharing actively the mission of Christ.

I am just a simple man who touched and transformed by the joy God’s love. Even though there are more challenges that will come to my way, I know that with God’s help, through your prayers, I can overcome those challenges  to grow in my love for God, the Church, and people, and to become a good worker in the God’s harvest.


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