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Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
Office of Initial Deacon Formation
Formation Team and Diaconate Board Members

Diaconate Board

Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger - ex-officio
Deacon Paul Kisselback - ex-officio
Sister Charla Commins, csj
Mrs. Yocasta Fabian
Deacon Mark Leonard
Very Reverend Anthony Ligato
Deacon Timothy McAuliffe
Sister Monica Murphy, csj
Ms. Cathy O’Connor
Deacon Edward Solomon
Reverend Matthew Wetsel

Most Reverend Howard Hubbard, Bishop Emeritus - Homiletics Formator
Deacon Paul Kisselback - Director of Aspirant-Candidate Formation for Diaconate and Primary
                                           Aspirant Formator
Deacon Frank Berning - Director of Diaconate Initial Formation and Primary Candidate Formator
Ms. Pat Mousaw - Primary Aspirant Formator
Deacon Gary Riggi - Primary Aspirant Formator
Deacon Frank Thomas - Coordinator of Pastoral Field Experience (Practicum Formator)
Deacon Warren Dorsch - Web-site and editing the manuals used for formation
Ms. Annette Brooks - Primary Candidate Formator
Rev. Anthony Barratt - Liturgy Formator

Practicum Supervisors:
Deacon Gary Picher - Hospital Ministry Practicum
Deacon Warren Dorsch - Hospital Ministry Practicum
Deacon Robert Sweeney - Hospital Ministry Practicum
Deacon Richard DiCaprio - Hospital Ministry Practicum
Sister Betsy VanDeusen - Service Ministry Practicum

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