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Kyle Eads

Home Parish: Corpus Christi Parish Round Lake, NY
Seminary / Stage of Study: Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, Florida - 2nd Year Philosophy
Work Experience:
Audio/Visual Department - Ave Maria University; Front End
Cashier - Hannaford.
Biblical Languages, Camping, Ignatian Spirituality, Liturgical
Music, Bioethics.

Vocation Story: My attraction to the priesthood began when I was a young altar boy.  I had always been impressed by the way that our priests acted as loving fathers, that they were very happy, and that they were able to bring joy and healing to the lives of so many people.  I held onto this inclination to the priesthood all through high school, and it was always met with great support and approval by my friends and family. It was when I entered college that I began to question where this calling was coming from and whether I was attracted to it for the right reasons.  During this time, I met a very Catholic, very beautiful girl whom I dated a couple years, and who helped me to grow and to know myself better in several ways.  With the prospect of the married life before me, I finally decided that the call that I felt toward the priesthood—while very subtle—was not something that God was going to let me let go of.  Since that time and especially since my acceptance into formation, I have felt a great peace in my heart that has grown over time, and continual confirmations of God's loving presence in my life.  I am very grateful for the prayers of all of my friends and family in the Diocese of Albany and abroad, and I feel their effects in my life very much. With the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, I hope to lead as many as possible to the love and peace that God has prepared for us and so passionately wants to fill our hearts with. I want to lay down my life for His Church, and I think that He is calling me to do so as a Catholic priest.

Quote: "The greatest love story of all time is contained in a tiny white host." ~Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen


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