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About our Diocese

Bordered on the east by Massachusetts and Vermont, the Diocese of Albany covers 10,400 square miles in a 14 county region in the middle-eastern section of New York State. There are 127 parishes and 145 active diocesan priests that serve the 330,000 Roman Catholics in the diocese. Our diocese is comprised of rural, suburban and city populations. The diocese is currently experiencing a growth in Hispanic, Korean, Filipino and Vietnamese populations.

The Diocese of Albany is in close proximity to major metropolitan locations. New York City is a two and a half hour drive south, Boston is a three hour drive east and Montreal is a four hour drive north.

A diocesan priest for the Diocese of Albany works primarily in the parishes of the diocese. Even though a priest might at one time or another also serve as a chaplain at a hospital, prison, college or high school, be a professor, or work as a military chaplain, parish life defines the life of most diocesan priests.

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