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Parish Vocation Committees

All of us are called by God to discern our vocations and to help one another in this discernment. Deanery Vocation Committees can be helpful and supportive to anyone who is searching out God’s call.

Does your parish have a vocation committee? If not, start with the links below.

Download our Vocation Committee Guide - PDF

Forming a Parish Vocation Committee

If you have a committee already, try the links below for ideas and resources.

9 Things a Vocation Committee can do  |  Resources for Vocation Committees


Forming a Parish Vocation Committee

  1. Invite parishioners representing each parish in the deanery who are involved and in tune with the needs of today’s Church.

  2. Get in the know. Contact Sister Rosemary Ann from the Diocesan Vocation Office for materials and suggestions; check this and other WEB sites to learn more.

  3. Plan activities. See SUGGESTIONS from the DVC Booklet. Cut and paste what seems appropriate for your parish. Don’t be overwhelmed! A project every six months or so will be a good beginning.

  4. Think teamwork! Collaborate with other people in our parish or deanery: faith formation programs, youth ministry, music ministry, and other groups. The most effective committees network with other committees. Perhaps the older people and “wisdom persons” of the parish might be a vocation prayer ministry.

  5. Ask for help. Religious communities, priests and deacons in our diocese, “native sons and daughters,” parents of priests and religious—all of these people can be asked to help as speakers, resource persons, support persons. The Diocesan Vocation Office can also provide speakers and materials.

  6. PRAY! It is God who calls, God who speaks. A culture of vocations will always be a culture of prayer.

  7. Downlad the Teacher's Guide for Vocation Awareness - PDF



9 Things a Vocation Committee can do

  1. Pray for Vocations
    and encourage prayer in each deanery parish. Use prayer cards,(available from the Vocation Office), and insert it in the hymnal cover so that all may use it regularly.

  2. Find Your Native Sons and Daughters
    If there are priests or religious who grew up in your parish, invite them to come and speak at liturgy or another gathering. Celebrate the fact that your parish nurtured that vocation!

  3. Educate the Parish
    For what are we praying? For whom are we looking? Maintain a bulletin board with news clippings and information; have an information table or book rack. Most communities will readily send this information.

  4. Collaborate and Network
    What other committees in the parish or deanery could use a speaker? Would anyone from the deanery parishes enjoy a trip to a sisters’ motherhouse? Go where topics such as life choice and discernment are addressed, for instance faith formation, adult education, RCIA, and other gatherings. Ask coordinators of these programs if the topic of vocations to the priesthood and religious life could be included. Call the Vocation Office for suggested speakers, if needed.

  5. Surface Names
    In the early Church, the community called persons to leadership. Are there men and women in your deanery parishes who are generous, prayerful, concerned for the needs of others? Might they be called to discern a possible Church vocation? Most priests and religious will tell you that their early encouragement came from someone else! Do not limit yourself to the very young; think ages 16-40.

  6. Offer to Help
    Father Anthony Ligato offers regular discernment groups for men and women. If you identify a person who you believe has the qualities to be a priest or religious brother or sister, contact Fr. Ligato. He’d like to help!

  7. Support Other Needs
    Our diocese funds our seminarians throughout their study. Our parishes contribute to this support through the Bishop’s Appeal each year. Some parishes have a special project of helping a seminarian or a novice in a religious community. Some show support and encouragement to the young men discerning in St. Issac Jogues Discernment House. There are many ways to offer support for those who are in the process of vocation discernment.

  8. If you Feed Them, They Will Come
    Something as simple as a pizza evening for the young people of your deanery parishes can be an occasion to pray for vocations, to provide materials, and to invite the pastor, deacon, and some men and women religious to share their stories. Invitations of priests, seminarians and religious sisters and brothers in formation for other joint deanery activities can also help. Think of parish picnics, movie nights, ice cream socials, just for starters!

  9. Pray, Pray, Pray.
    When the members of a parish gather in prayer, miracles happen. Let us draw strength from the Lord Jesus and be faithful in prayer.


Resources for Vocation Committees

The Diocesan Vocation Office can provide you with print and video materials, speakers, answers to questions, and lots of incentive and encouragement.

Here are other excellent resources: will bring you to VISION Magazine, a treasury of articles and ads about religious life. Copies are free in any quantity! You can order online or call 1-800-942-2811 is the website for the National Religious Vocation Conference; you’ll find loads of ideas there. Their telephone number is 1-773-363-5454 will bring you to the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors and their many services and ideas. Telephone: 1-843-280-7191

You can also locate or email dozens of seminaries and religious congregations of men and women; go to Religious Sisters and Religious Brothers and Priests and click away!!

Need help? Need ideas? Contact Us.



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