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Fishers of Men Video

The Catholic Priesthood Today Video
Provided by the Midwest Theological Forum

A Week in the Life of A Priest

Queens Seninary Welcomes
Albany Bishop

Fr. Francis Vivacqua’s interview
on YNN on the occasion of his ordination

The ordination to the priesthood
of Brian Kelly, Steve Matthews, Patrick Rice & Francis Vivacqua

Our own Matt Duclos as he
prepares to leave for seminary.

Celebrating Deacon Francis Vivaqua’s Upcoming Priesthood ordination

The Ordinary Holiness of
Father Kenneth Walker

My Journey Towards the Priesthood

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Will You Video #1

A short video challenge - wmv

Will You Video #2

A short video challenge - wmv

We are grateful for the videos above, which were
designed and provided by Sheehan Productions.
Concert for Vocations 
(Click the concert below to toggle the playable song list, photos, or video) 

2019 Concert

2018 Concert

2016 Concert

2015 Concert

We greatly appreciate Nate Whitechurch of Nate Whitechurch Photography
We greatly appreciate the outstanding work of our photographer, Michael LaRose of Michael LaRose Photography

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