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Our Seminarians

Deacon Charles Onyeneke
My desire for the priesthood started right from my childhood at the age of eight... more
Seminarian Russell Bergman
Seminarian Joseph Tuan Cao
Seminarian Matthew Duclos
Each seminarian and priest has his own vocation story and I’ve always been intrigued to learn about the origins of a vocation to the priesthood... more
Seminarian Adam Feisthamel
College Seminarian Victor Gelfuso
Seminarian Kyle Gorenski
My name is Kyle Gorenski I'm 33 years old, I grew up in... more
College Seminarian Peter Phu Lai
Seminarian Candidate Frandy Martinez
Seminarian Daniel McHale
My vocation story began in the fall semester of my junior year at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York...more
Seminarian Candidate
Louis Aloysius Namugera
Seminarian Anthony Duyet Thanh Nguyen
I, Duyet Thanh Nguyen (Anthony), was born on June 16, 1994, and grew up at Tay Nguyen Highland... more
Seminarian Candidate Nsikak Obot
Seminarian Deacon James O'Rourke
Seminarian Anthony Onu
Seminarian Joseph Hien Pham
College Seminarian Joseph Hoa Pham
College Seminarian Joseph Tuan Pham
Seminarian Marko Pranic
Seminarian Nathan Resila
College Seminarian Patrick Sweeney
College Seminarian Joseph Dai Van Tran
Seminarian Candidate Daniel Vallejo
Seminarian Thomas Yakalis
Seminarian Stephen Yusko
I suppose it is fitting that I was accepted as a seminarian seven days after the year of Mercy began...more
Aspirant Paul McDonald
Aspirant Alessio Fasullo
Aspirant Anders Thompson


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