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Nitty Gritty

Academic Requirements
Each Religious Community has specific requirements, which pertain to their individual ministries.  Contact the communities that you are interested in and inquire.

Tools of a Religious Brother or Sister
A man or woman who becomes a consecrated religious, most usually has a profession / career. He or she could be a teacher, a medic, a social worker, or any other of the myriad choices in our world today. Depending upon one’s career, “tools” vary. Depending upon one’s vocation, some of the “tools” of a religious are hidden:

  • the tool of the prayer of relationship with God;
  • the tool of prayer for the people one serves;
  • the tool of compassion poured out upon those who are suffering;
  • the tool of consecration through chastity, poverty and obedience;
  • the tool of community living
  • the tool of fidelity to the Church
  • the tool of penance, sacrifice and responsible stewardship for those less fortunate.

Quick Vocation Test

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